Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Reflective, originally uploaded by kendoman26.

Sunday was a pleasant day for a walk, so I checked out the addition to the river walk. The portion from State to Wabash is still closed so I had to start at Wabash.

They've installed mirrored panels below the Michigan avenue bridge, it gives a cool affect.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

100 years - Burnham Plan

Pavillion 2, originally uploaded by kendoman26.

Chicago is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Burnham plan of 1909. Two Pavilions at Millennium Park are celebrating the event. This one by Ben Van Berkil is complete.

It's designed in such a way that cutouts let you see part of the skyline. Really cool!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Sunrise

Sunrise 062109, originally uploaded by kendoman26.

Continuing an annual event, I was at the lakefront by 5:00am to catch the sunrise over the lake. This year instead of being by the Shedd Aquarium, I headed over to Du Sable Harbor. Out onto the long pier.

Wow what a noisy place with all the seagulls, but I was still able to hear the beating drums from the Planetarium as the sun slowly rose above the horizon. Unfortunately the sun wasn't around long and rose into the cloud deck. It was a very enchanting sunrise!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Bus Stop - Human Only

Bus Stop - Human Only, originally uploaded by kendoman26.

Ok - So this has been on the Bus shelter at 33rd and Halsted for over a week. I finally took a photo of it. Seems to be about a movie giving "rights" to alien creatures. Seems kind of funny :D

Monday, June 15, 2009

Milwaukee Ave Part 2

Western Blueline, originally uploaded by kendoman26.

Sunday was the best day we've had in a while and so I took advantage of it by walking down Milwaukee Avenue. This second walk started where the first one left off: Milwaukee- North Avenue-Damen Ave six corner intersection and continued to Milwaukee and Armitage. This is a little west of Western Avenue.

Unlike the first walk, which was heavily commercial this stretch is a little more laid back. There's much more newer construction along this section up till you get to Western Avenue and there wasn't as many photo opportunities along this part.

That's why this blog entry's photo isn't on Milwaukee! What we have here is the restored facade to the Western Avenue Blue line stop just north of Milwaukee Ave. The art-decco facade was the only part of the original station saved. The rest is all new, and it looks really good!

I walked back south-east on Milwaukee until I reached Damen, got on the Damen bus till the end of the line at 35th and took a 35th bus back to Wallace. All in All a nice day to walk around.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Car Cruise Time

Saturday was the annual Chicago Car Cruise with proceeds beniffiting the Ronald Mcdonald Charities. There was a much smaller turn out, probably due to the economy then anthing else, but it was still a cool show. I think the most interesting car to show up was this German made Janus. A cool micro-car made in 1957 & 58 it features seating for four and a 2-stroke engine, plus a front and rear door. Surprisingly it could keep up with traffic on Columbus drive.

While not a classic car it was nice to see this 2010 Chevy Camaro on the road. It was with a group of Corvettes so it was running in fast company :D It also appears that the Janus is hiding behind it.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Brillant Sunsets

Bright Sky 060209, originally uploaded by kendoman26.

Just like the sunset on May 24th, yesterday's provided vibrant oranges, purples and reds. I beginning to wonder, with two sunsets like this in less than a month, is something wrong?

I know the sun is in an ebb for sunspots is this creating our vibrant skies? Whatever the reason they are sure cool to look at